Below you will see our most common asked questions. Instead of hearing it second hand lets get down to business and keep it real. 


Are you a just another Facebook seller? 

This is our most common asked question, and the answer is no we are not a Facebook seller at all! We are a small team of employees and two amazing bosses that keep this business going, oh and you the customer of course. 

In 2010 this business moved from socials - yep back then we did sell on social media, however we quickly outgrew the socials and moved to an e-commerce platform. Today, in 2021 we are among one of the largest and fast growing e-commerce stores. 

You mention you have a warehouse, but yet as a customer I can not attended it. Why? 

Our warehouse is our DC. Our DC like many other e-commerce based businesses due to strict council by-laws and insurance we simply can not allow you to come to our place of business. 

We do however have plans for a click and collect service to open, however with the current COVID19 crisis we have put that plan on hold - until then we will continue to deliver your goods straight to your door. 

Where is your phone number, why can I not call you?! 

You can reach us in writing (we are old fashion and prefer written communication). This enables us to go back and double check and you the customer also. While we have recently added our phone number to the website site, we maintain that we prefer to have a "paper-trail" to refer to, as a phone call can easily be forgotten, if you leave your order number in your phone message one of the lovely young ladies in our customer service team will gladly rely to you via email.

It's not that scary to email a business. 

When do you respond to emails? 

We try and respond to all emails within the 72 hour window. This means Monday - Friday, during and strictly only from 9am until 2pm Monday - Friday. 

Due to COVID19 some of the staff within Kingdom Warehouse may need to work remotely and as we pride ourselves on being able to allow our staff to parent and also work we aim to offer our staff that time also. Not to mention, social distancing that we all must obey! 

Why don't the owners of your company answer when I call their personal number?

This is a really simple question to answer, firstly it's their personal number, for their family and friends to contact them on, and most importantly, they are doing boss stuff, so that the business operates as productively as possible, continues to provide you the customer with the best service we can (which we always strive to improve on), and most importantly so we the staff can keep our jobs.

Why are there restrictions on items? 

Due to the increase of customers panic shopping and or reselling we have enforced a limit on all items, in our groceries until further notice. 

This helps all customers to get what they require and need within our time frames, and no one misses out. If you are seen ordering multiable orders you will have all orders cancelled without notice, this is the only notice we offer. 

Why are you not selling Bluey items any more? 

While having bluey was the biggest highlight of our year we do not wish to continue selling a product where the market is flooded. Since 2010 we have and always will bounce our own ideas and be the leader not the follower. 

We do not see ourselves stocking any Bluey items in the near future for this business - we do have some stock left, however once its gone its gone forever! 

We are already on to the next big thing ;)